Friday, 28 December 2012

The Straight Hair Experiment

Since few months I have been trying to grow my hair long and keep a pony. The only problem that occurs is that after a certain length it curls n twirls n what not. Its quite tough to keep them straight. Wearing a band and moving around the college was not comfortable with me. It was the easiest solution and I didn't wanna burn my hair n get them straight so has been thinking of various ideas and even implemented some to straighten the hair.

1 -- A guy like me who spends 3-4 hours daily watching movie with his headphone can use the headphone as the band. Just hold your long hairs back, tighten the headphone to a level it just fits on your head. And then treat it like the band and help your hairs for the next 4 hours. It helped me a lot. :P
2 -- Tie nuts to your hair and hang them in small groups. Nuts are a little heavy so may be painful but its nothing compared to the happiness of straight hairs.
3 -- Put the hairs in various straws and keep them like that for 3-4 days till it becomes necessary for u to take bath. Using colourful straws can make u look like a style icon.
4 -- Keep yourself closer to kids. They have a habit of pulling hairs. It would surely help a lot but will be painful. Remember, “No gain without pain.”
5 -- Give auditions for centerfresh shock and they will surely make your hair straight.

That’s all I thought of, hope you also give some interesting suggestions in the comments below.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Girls r Inferior

People have shortened their clothes, reduced manners, diminished feelings, pity and life but still have not left that traditional Indian sentiment which needs to be eradicated. Girls are as much worthy and strong of doing anything a guy can. We have Kalpana chawla, Saorijini Naidu, Lata mangeshkar, Indira Gandhi, Rani Laxmi Bai, kiran Bedi, arundhati roy, and many more who have shown the glories they can bring. However, they contribute to just 0.1% of Indian society, so what about the rest 99.9%. Are girls really inferior to guys???

Let’s look over some facts and then it’s over you to decide.

A girl never proposes a guy. How much she may be in love with him she always waits for the guy to turn up (Few exceptions are everywhere). Girls you need to overcome this if you really wish to gain power in this society. If you can’t express love how can we expect you to express something else? Love is the basic need of life, even more than money. Yes it is. You let guys dominate here and we will dominate you everywhere. So if you want to shut the mouth of the few dumbos who can’t accept defeat from you just go and confess your love to your dream boy. Let everyone know that you can even choose among guys instead of just rejecting them.

Restaurants are a lovely place to go when bill is paid by someone else. Generally we see a lovely family or cute youngster couples there with occasionally given company by a bunch of goons during one of their birthdays. I never understood how one can become a gentleman by paying bill for a girl you met few hours ago but sharing the bill with a childhood guy friend. I would only do things free for others if I have to show them that they are nothing in front of me. Every time a girl lets a guy pay the bill for her without any occasion she allows him to believe that he is superior to her.

To gain fame, money and success all we need to have is a little bit of talent and lots of hardwork. Every single time a girl uses her beauty instead of her talent and hardwork to climb the stairs of success she losses. She reminds us that she needs us to do the favour. She loudly says that yes I need someone above me to help me when I am at fault or stuck somewhere.

The insecurity girls feel in the crowd made of guys. A guy may feel shy with a bunch of girls but not insecure. The fact remains that if a girl is in a crowd of guys, she may pick a random guy and starts scolding him and then let the mass beat that guy black and blue without inquiring if he was at any fault. Still it’s the girl who would feel insecure proving that they are inferior.

Enough of this, I would though acknowledge that atleast there is one thing girls do to prove that they are not only superior to guys but guys are not going to match them in this field in nearby future. They cry. Crying is not a cowardly thing to do. Rather it is a tough job because you let everyone know that you were hurt. (Girls don’t take advantage of this; guys have been used many times with tears including me). Guys think they are too strong so they can’t show people that something terrible which has accelerated their heart beat and is eating them inside can hurt them. Girls very easily show people that yes, I was hurt and I am proud of it because it shows that I have a heart. I respect them for this because otherwise I believe that GIRLS, YOU ARE INFERIOR.